Tuesday, 13 April 2010

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Projectors Direct is the only place online to
purchase your new projector. From business to home
cinema projectors and all the accessories you will
need, Projectors Direct have them all, at the very
best prices.

Sony VPL CX155 - LCD

Sony VPL CX155 - LCD projector

With 3500lm, the VPL-CX155 provides outstanding
image clarity in the brightest of rooms.

Plus, network capability makes it perfect for
corporate and educational use.

It is suitable for ceiling, rear installation or
portable use. The VPL-CX155 is a really bright
performer with its outstanding 3500 ANSI Lumens
lamp. Added to this, its network capability lets
you easily host remote conferences, transfer data
and share information without even being present.
And with optional Ziris Manage Lite software, you
can also manage and monitor the VPL-CX155

Was £1,619.97

Now £1,297.70

You Save £322.27

Acer X110 3D - DLP

Acer X110 3D - DLP Projector

The SVGA resolution of the X110 presents sharp,
accurate details. Colors are vivid and natural
with Acer ColorBoost II+ technology, 2500 ANSI
lumens brightness, and 4000:1 contrast ratio. And
ColorSafe technology prevents color decay to
preserve the integrity of your images even after
prolonged use of the projector.

The Empowering Key on the remote gives you instant
access to quick customization of power, viewing
and timer settings. The wall-color compensation
feature enables accurate display of colors even
when the image is projected on a colored wall. And
with closed captioning, dialog and non-speech
audio can be displayed as text to facilitate

Was £319.97

Now £279.97

You Save £40.00

Toshiba TDP-ST20 Projector

Toshiba TDP-ST20 Projector

Combined with Toshibas Natural Colour Enhancer, it
gives lessons a touch of brilliant, vivid colour
and image quality that wont fade over time.

The ST-20 reproduces amazingly sharp, vivid images
that will bring outstanding new vibrancy and
colour to lessons and due to the Ultra Short Throw
nature of the product it reduces shadows and
removes the potential dangers of glare from a
normal Projectors light beam. It also offers
teachers greater flexibility, security and ease of
use and delivers an attractive return on
investment for schools.

Was £1,093.97

Now £714.97

You Save £379.00

Hitachi CP A100 - LCD

Hitachi CP A100 - LCD projector

The revolutionary CP-A100 3LCD projector features
a very short throw distance, eliminating the
problem of presenters obstructing the projected
image by standing in front of the screen.
Additionally, the CP-A100 offers networking
capability, allowing multiple projectors to be
controlled and monitored from a single location.
The CP-A100 boasts an extremely short throw
distance; at 1.4 feet you can project a 60 inch
image. This not only prevents image obstruction,
but also means there are no shadows interfering
with the image and no light in the presenter's

Was £1,206.97

Now £1,129.97

You Save £77.00

Sony VPL CW125 - LCD projector

Sony VPL CW125 - LCD projector

The VPL-CW125 projector delivers exceptional image
quality, more natural colors and unsurpassed
brightness in any room - even if it has awkward
obstructions, thanks to its Side Shot Digital
Horizontal Shift feature. Plus you have full
networking capability and optional Ziris Manage
Lite software so you can control your VPL-CW125
and other Sony RJ45 projectors remotely and in
real time.

Was £1,986.97

Now £1,646.14

You Save £340.83

Acer H5350 - DLP Home Cinema

Acer H5350 - DLP Home Cinema

The H5350 projector transforms the living room
into a state-of-the-art home theater. With 720p
native resolution, 2000 ANSI Lumens brightness,
2000:1 contrast ratio and Acer ColorBoost
technology, the H5350 projects hi-def content and
lifelike images with precision for a true
big-screen cinema experience. An HDMI port allows
connectivity to the newest digital devices with HD
signal support, and the chic white color adds
elegance to any viewing environment.

Was £618.97

Now £501.97

You Save £116.99

InFocus IN3104 Projector

InFocus IN3104 Projector

The InFocus IN3104 digital multimedia projector
provides meeting room presenters with a bright of
3500 lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and the
true-to-life colors of DLP with BrilliantColor
technology. This XGA native projector features
DisplayLink content-over-USB for fast setup and
the subtle sophistication of LiteTouch control to
stealthily blend into your meeting space.

Was £903.97

Now £799.97

You Save £104.01

Hitachi CP-SX1350W LCD

Hitachi CP-SX1350W LCD Projector

The CP-SX1350 measures 6.3 x 16.5 x 12.6 inches
with a weight of 17 pounds. Its 3,500 ANSI lumens
are enough to meet the standards of even the most
rigorous presentation applications. At a
resolution of 1400 x 1050 and a 4:3 aspect ratio,
the user also has unmatched clarity at his/her

Was £2,698.97

Now £1,249.96

You Save £1,449.00

NEC NP905 - LCD Projector


High-speed wireless LAN support and enhanced video
process enables audience members to communicate
and collaborate quickly and effectively during
meetings. Perform remote diagnostics; send data
through the network to remote locations or present
from a computer located in another part of the
building. The NP905 makes it all possible and

Was £1,242.97

Now £961.97

You Save £281.00

Sony VPL FX40 - LCD

Sony VPL FX40 - LCD projector

The world's first BrightEra panels, advanced
electronics, superior image processing, and a
sophisticated chassis design, simply redefines
Sony's total projection solution. Whether deployed
in a boardroom or in an auditorium, the projector
is sure to astound with its amazing design and

Was £2,863.97

Now £1,969.57

You Save £894.40

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