Saturday, 25 April 2009


For lovely knashers says that lovely leslie philip's voiced cheetah on the ad.

Denture Care at Pharmacy2U - Your Internet Pharmacy
Pharmacy2u has loads of denture care products including steradent tablets

Yummy takeaway food

When you're watching the TV and they start advertising food doesn't it make you want to orde something to eat? Order Food Online
* 2300+ takeaways & restaurants
* 50,000+ user reviews
* Pay by cash or card
* Delivery in 45-60 mins
* Earn loyalty points

One of my favourite local takeaways has over 400 items on their menu on this! And great rating system mean you know when it's good!
Easy and very simple and quick

Friday, 24 April 2009

Online Bingo

really big at the moment - fantastic fun playing bingo online and loads of games and chat

How many have you seen advertising on telly?

Wink bingo? foxy bingo? Ladbrooks bingo! Gala bingo

Annie Lennox album

The annie lennox collection is out now.

Fantastic. What a voice!

L'oreal hair products

elvive protect nourishes your hair and protects your coloured hair

Sheeple and trains

Save on train tickets by buying in advance. You'll save loads of money rather than buying at the station

How do you find things?

Do you ring directory enquiries?

Or use the phone book? Or search online?

those 118 ads are very annoying! I do like the ghostbuster one though


Drink it and be healthy they say. Support your bodys defences.

Reduced to only 25p a bottle

Michael Jacksons spending habits

Monday 10pm Program on channel 5 about Michael Jackson's spending habits.

Public service ads - ambulances

Get out of the way for the emergency services!

Make a path and clear their way. Every second counts

£50 of minutes and texts

From vodafone with a £10 topup!

Check out vodafone for great mobile phone deals

Me sized meals

Ad to tell you not to overfeed your kids.
Change for life.

Free info pack available

Gillette the best a man can get

Gillete new shaving products - for before, during and after shaving. Get your skin care from experts in shaving.


Sainsburys are promoting their feed your family for under a fiver campaign.
The ads feature Jamie Oliver and Tracy Brabin who's been in Corrie!

The roast chicken, red onions and couscous dish looks nice.
Ingredients are available at other supermarkets.

You can shop online for groceries with all the major supermarkets now apart from Morrisons!
Using my supermarket you can price match online too.

You can't beat online shopping - you still see the bargains but you don't get caught by the impulse buying trap of walking round the store.

Online Shopping Centre

Ideas and thoughts about online shopping - tings you could be buying and other forms of shopping.

If you love to know what's new or to buy great bargains then this blog will list ideas and new products for you to look out for.

Shopping online is more and more popular in the UK than ever before