Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mega mad gifts for the crazy folk in your life

Top 10 best
selling experiences.

1. Harness Sphereing for 2

Harness Sphereing for 2

Sphereing, aka Zorbing is the crazy new
concept that has hit the UK by storm and rapidly
earned itself a 'must-do' status. Descending from
from the thrill seeking dudes in NZ, this
hilarious new experience guarantees an absolute
riot for you and a friend. In essence you are
strapped inside a 12foot inflatable ball rolling
down a steep hill, but in practice Harness
Sphereing is so much more! Once strapped in and
ready to go, the adrenalin will start pumping as
you begin to roll and spin toward speeds of up to

Was £65.00

Now £56.00

2. Stock Car Championship Racing

Stock Car Championship Racing Day

This is what motor racing is all about!
Racing in a high speed stock car championship
race, you will be behind the wheel of these
fabulously well constructed Formula 2 Stock cars.
With the immense power and raw acceleration these
weathered racers provide, you will have the time
of your life battling it out against your eager

Was £165.00

Now £159.00

3. Half Day Rally Experience

Half Day Rally Experience

Driving a Rally Car is one of the most
exhilarating motor experiences available and
requires a unique set of driving skills, including
handbrake turns, power slides and wheel spins just
for starters. Behind the wheel of a 4 wheel drive
Subaru Impreza, amongst others, you will feel the
immense power and acceleration of these finely
tuned Japanese machines.

Price £179.00

4. Super Car 5

Super Car 5

This once in a lifetime experience offers
you the chance to drive 5 of the finest sports
cars in the motor- world today, providing you with
a rare opportunity to decide for yourself which of
the World’s best supercars is your favourite.

Price £299.00

5. Motocross Experience

Motocross Experience

Don't worry sports fans; you don't need the
skills of Evel Knievel to enjoy this fantastic
motocross experience! Our centres are more than
happy to take all skill levels, even if you've
never sat on a motorbike!

Price £199.00

6. Full Day 4x4 Experience

Full Day 4x4 Experience

On this awesome full day experience you will
have the challenge and enjoyment of mastering and
fully testing the real capabilities of a modern 4
x 4 vehicle, in an environment that will challenge
even the most experienced drivers amongst you.

Price £199.00

7. Whitewater Rafting & Canyoning

Whitewater Rafting & Canyoning Day

White Water Rafting has enjoyed a meteoric
rise to the top of many people’s ‘Must-Do’ list.
The mix of fear, adrenalin and team work ethic has
catapulted this great experience into the lives of
many adrenalin junkies and fear-facing followers!

Price £90.00

8. Extreme Supercar Experience

Extreme Supercar Experience

This once in a lifetime experience brings
together the best of the best to create an
experience that is the dream of every car
enthusiast, or any driver for that matter! This
fantasy selection brings the best from all corners
of Europe, with the ultimate model of each car in
its range.

Price £499.00

9. Ultimate Top Gun Experience -

Ultimate Top Gun Experience - Weekends

Fancy being involved in a simulated dog
fight in an aircraft that is used by Air Forces
around the world? Thought so! This is the
experience for you. You will be flying in the
Extra300 which is the world's top performing two
seat aerobatic airplane, you sitting in the front
and the instructor in the rear, this aircraft is
powered by a 300bhp engine and is an
ultra-light-weight, state-of-the-art,
high-technology display aircraft.

Price £495.00

10. Aston Martin Thrill

Aston Martin Thrill

The Aston Martin Thrill gives you the
opportunity to drive one of the finest supercars
in the world on a renowned circuit. Aston Martin
has produced some of the most desirable cars ever,
with hand built quality to match the outstanding
performance of the British supercar greats.

Price £99.00

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