Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sky lanterns - amazing things

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Lantern Packages


Wedding Packages

Night Sky Lanterns create a spectacular display and offer a low cost, safe and
effective way to bring a unique and memorable experience to your wedding day.

Many couples involve guests and loved ones in the celebration by asking them
to write personal messages to the Bride or Groom on each sky lantern before
they are released into the sky.

From £84.70

Wedding Pack

Eco Wedding Pack

Our Wedding Eco Lantern packages are a fantastic addition to your special day.
They not only offer superb value for money, but also a wonderful opportunity
to give yourself and your guests a truly magical experience. Beautiful glowing
lanterns floating gently above you in the night sky. The perfect way to end
the perfect day and a memory will stay with you and your guests forever.

From £137.50


Party Packages

Make your party complete with one of our fantastic party packages. Each pack
contains Sky Lanterns, Glowsticks and Ice Fountains which will delight your
guests and give them a night to remember!

No more finding guests in the kitchen at your party... Everyone will want to
be involved!

From £42.35

Season Packages

Party Season Packages

Our Party Season Packages combine fantastic value for money with great products
that are sure to entertain and wow all your guests at this time of year. We
currently have four stunning value packages for you to choose from and full
details of each package can be found below. We've designed these packages to
suit all types of parties, whether it be for Adults, Children or both! Theres
something in each pack for everyone!

From £59.99

Lantern Packages

Coloured Lantern Packages

Coloured Sky Lanterns look stunning on their own or launched together with white

Because of the colour, the lanterns emit warm glows in the night sky. Each lantern
is individually wrapped with a non drip fuel cell and fully illustrated instructions.

We have put together a few packages full of colourful sky lanterns to use for
your occassions!

From £17.99


Birthday Packs

In calm conditions you can watch your Night Sky Lanterns ascend to over 1200
feet and stay airbourne for up to 19 minutes. They are a great addition to Birthday
Parties for all ages, and are sure to create a stunning effect in the sky for
all your family and friends to enjoy.

From £33.02

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