Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat

Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat from Firebox -Firebox relaxation mat

Laying on a bed of nails? Now that’s gotta hurt. Actually it doesn’t because the amazing Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat is completely painless. More to the point (boom boom!) it’s ideal for anyone looking to release inner tension, reduce stress levels and achieve a feeling of well-being.

Said to aid relaxation, relieve back and muscle pain and increase energy levels, this modern take on an ancient cure-all is made from Styrofoam and plastic instead of wood and rusty iron. Which is nice. Simply undress, lie down, relax and prepare to be stimulated, sharp-styley. We’re even offering a separate neck-only pillow version. Ooh, endorphins! Firebox relaxation mat

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