Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wine Gifts from I want one of those

New lines today at I want one of those
The Intelligent Wine Cooler
The Intelligent Wine Cooler £69.99

The gadget that customises the temperature of your vino depending on the wine
Vino Nobile Breathable Glasses
Vino Nobile Breathable Glasses £64.99

The stylish and speedy way to enjoy wine in the perfect conditions

Vinturi Wine Aerators
Vinturi Wine Aerators £59.99

Make your wine taste fantastic from the first sip

Double Bottle Wine Chiller
Double Bottle Wine Chiller £49.99

No one likes a warm glass of chardonnay and with this in mind some kind soul has developed the Double Wine Chiller.

Eisch Wine Decanter Range
Eisch Wine Decanter Range £49.99

Smoking jackets on chaps

Bath Caddy
Bath Caddy £29.99

Bathing bliss with a book a glass of wine or two and all lit by the flickering flame of a candle....

VinOair Wine Aerator
VinOair Wine Aerator £29.99

Transform your four-quid supermarket wine into something actually rather drinkable

Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather
Pocket Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather £24.99

The Pocket Rouge O2 aerator transforms your wine

V Gauge Wine Preserver
V Gauge Wine Preserver £21.99

There's no greater sin than wasted wine

Don't Break the Bottle
Don't Break the Bottle £19.99

Possibly the best gift for wine lovers ever invented - give someone a bottle of wine in a puzzle they'll be hard pushed...

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