Thursday, 23 September 2010

Clock Gifts from I want one of those

I want one of those has these new items today
Microsweep Projection Clock
Microsweep Projection Clock £115.00

Undoubtedly the nattiest projector clock out there
iLuv App Station Clock
iLuv App Station Clock £89.99

The iLuv App Station Clock is a portable beautiful and useful clock and speakers to dock your iPhone in

The Backwards Clock
The Backwards Clock £14.99

Sadly it can't turn time itself backwards

iPod Alarm Clock
iPod Alarm Clock £39.99

The alarm clock for the iPod generation - wake up to your song of the moment

Clocky - Runaway Alarm Clocks
Clocky - Runaway Alarm Clocks £39.99

The 'snooze' button was obviously invented by some sadist with no interest in you actually getting to work in time.

Photo Frame Clocks
Photo Frame Clocks £26.99

These gorgeous Photo Frame Clocks literally make your photos timeless

Pop Quiz Clocks
Pop Quiz Clocks £24.99

Because normal clocks are TOO EASY

Word Search Clock
Word Search Clock £24.99

Thinking caps on

Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clock £19.99

Is it a bird is it a plane? It's a Flying Alarm Clock.

Water Powered Clocks
Water Powered Clocks £19.99

The Water Powered Clock is cool environmentally friendly and rather useful to boot

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